KiddyKeys Lesson Overview

KiddyKeys Class Overview
***Breaks are scheduled to reflect BOTH Maury and Williamson County School Districts***

Session 1
Lesson 1. Intro to class/ Learn about Mozart
Lesson 2. High and Low sounds
Lesson 3. Loud and Soft
Lesson 4. Learning about Finger Numbers
Lesson 5. Learning about hand position
Lesson 6. Concept review
(Fall Break)
Lesson 7. Two black keys and C-D-E
Lesson 8. Three black keys and F-G-A-B
Lesson 9. Review C,D,E and F,G,A,B
Lesson 10. Learning the Music Alphabet

Session 2.
Lesson 11. Seasonal Lesson – Thanksgiving & concept review
Lesson 12. Learning the tempo Lento
(Thanksgiving Break)
Lesson 13. The quarter note
Lesson 14. The half note
Lesson 15. Winter Seasonal Lesson
(Christmas Break)
Lesson 16. The dotted half note
Lesson 17. The whole note
Lesson 18. Review of quarter, half, dotted half and whole notes
Lesson 19: Finger numbers with Mozart
Lesson 20. More about hand position

Session 3.
Lesson 21. The Music Alphabet
Lesson 22. Learning about the Staff: The home of music
Lesson 23. Stepping notes on the staff
Lesson 24. The “G” Clef
Lesson 25. Spring Seasonal Lesson
(Spring Break)
Lesson 26. The “F” Clef
Lesson 27. Higher and Lower Sounds in the Treble and Bass Clefs and Middle C
Lesson 28. Patriotic Lesson
Lesson 29. Review Lesson of all Concepts
Lesson 30, We are Music Stars – Celebration/ Final Review


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