Why group lessons?

“Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor.” – Ecclesiastes 4:9

1. Students learn from the teacher AND from each other, creating a richer learning environment.
2. Students aural (ear) and rhythmic abilities are strengthened because so much ensemble music is used – duets/ trios, etc.
3. Students gain confidence by playing with others and in front of others on a regular basis.
4. Students tend to develop better practice skills and habits.
5. Group lessons develop communication skills, cooperative skills, and leadership skills.
6. Besides, piano lessons are just way more fun with friends!

 I’m familiar with one on one lessons. How do GROUP lessons work?

We spend a portion of every class working on rhythm and pitch skills through various through use of the piano, percussion instruments, games, songs, and movement.

  Will all the students share one piano?

No. I have multiple instruments that I set up just for group lessons.

 What does it cost to enroll with you?

Please get in touch with me for tuition info.

Will my child need a piano?

Yes! A student will need to practice daily. That said – an acoustic piano, while preferred, is not required. Digital pianos are perfectly acceptable, and even a keyboard will work for starters. Keep in mind that the better the equipment, the better your child’s experience will be. I’m happy to help answer questions and make recommendations. Also – a keyboard will need to be touch sensitive and have a pedal so your child can practice and produce loud/ soft sounds as well as sustain notes.

What is your make-up policy for classes?

If a student needs to miss a class due to illness, I’ll email you their assignment for the week, so they do not fall behind. Included in that will be a short video demonstration of new materials. But due to the structure of class lessons, I do not make up missed lessons.

What will you focus on in class/lessons?

Through the use of playing solos, duets, and playing games, and rhythmic exercises (think percussion instruments!) I focus on setting up your child to have an incredibly strong foundation in music. Included in a strong foundation is note reading, ear training, technique, theory, rhythm, and creativity.

What do you do with that student that learns at a slower or faster pace than the class?

Students who are learning at a different pace will have their music adjusted by me according to their needs. For further specifics, please feel free to ask!

When are classes offered?

Please contact me for days/ times that classes are offered. If none of the times currently work for you, please let me know if you’d like to be notified of other classes opening up!

What type of lessons do you offer?

I offer the following classes and lessons:
Traditional One on One Lessons
KiddyKeys Preschool Music Class
Foundations Piano Class
Parent/ Child Lessons
-Partner Lessons



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