My Philosophy

Piano lessons should be foundational and fun!


Students learn the building blocks of being a good pianist from day one.
Technique – proper posture, how to strike and release the keys properly, use of arm weight
Theory – reading and understanding the written music
Ear Training – listening to the music, hearing what the music is doing
Rhythm – both reading and feeling rhythm is so important!
Creativity – Students learn how to compose their own music, whether through improvisation or written composition


Piano lessons should be enjoyable! Sure, there are a lot of benefits of learning to play the piano. And I personally believe that there are even more benefits to learning in a group setting. However, I want my number one benefit to my students to be that they LOVE it. Because as Nishant Kasibhatla said, “When learning is fun, learning is easy.”

“Thank you again for being such a special teacher. You are one of a kind and I believe your influence has had (and will continue to have) a lasting impact on the girls. I don’t think they would enjoy piano as much as they do if it weren’t for you.”
-Lisa K., mom of Amelia, age 9 and Madeleine, age 7

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