Classes Offered

KiddyKeys® (3.5 – 5 year olds): KiddyKeys is a fabulous and fun music program that focuses on piano, music appreciation, and musical concepts.

Want more info? Check THIS prezi out!

***KiddyKeys classes are 30 minutes in length, limited to 8 students per class, and are held Wednesday mornings at 9 am. Contact me to come to a free trial class!

Creative Foundations: Get ready to have some fun and learn some music! This weekly class teaches the foundations of creating music at the piano. This is a fun-filled, energetic 30 minutes class where students will be learning a ton of foundational piano skills from great technique, to note and rhythm reading, to improvisational skills. Why group piano lessons? Click here!

**Limited to 5 students. Please contact me for times/days offered.

Private Lessons/ Music Lab: Finally, I offer one hour lessons. 30 minutes is one on one with me where we focus on your child’s repertoire and musical skills. The other 30 minutes is a tailored piano lab time. Piano Lab is awesome. Students get to learn their theory well through games. They also get to compose their own music! I teach them basic composition skills and get them to work creating their own songs. It’s so much fun, especially when they get their very first song printed and professional looking!




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