Classes Offered

IMG_5410KiddyKeys® (3.5 – 5 year olds): KiddyKeys is a fabulous and fun music program that focuses on piano, music appreciation, and musical concepts.
***KiddyKeys classes are 30 minutes in length and limited to 8 students per class.

Private Lessons & Music Lab:
I offer 3 options for lessons:
1. 30 minutes private (one on one) lessons. (First year students)
2. 45 minute private lessons.  (I prefer students to “graduate” to 45 minute lessons beyond their first year. That gives us time to focus on all different aspects of music (including time for developing creativity!)
3. 30 (or 45) minute private lesson with a 30 minute piano lab.
I love my piano lab… this is 30 minutes where the student uses my digital piano and works through a pre-assigned lesson. They may work on their theory though games, composing their own music, ear training and more!


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