Sample Lesson Plan


-Students will demonstrate ability to identify and play quarter, half, dotted half, and whole notes for the correct amount of time.
-Students will demonstrate that they can read the following notes on the staff: Treble C, D, E, F, and G
-Students will be able to identify the following: time signature, bar lines, measures, double bar line, and repeat sign.
-Students will show correct finger numbers


1. Icebreaker game (5 mins): Wendy Steven’s Rhythm Cups. Parents – think
(Students will be using cups and following written rhythms with taps and claps.)

2. Play through last week’s assignment. (10+ mins)
“C” Me Play – All students in unison. Quickly work through any issues.
Cha-Cha-Cha – One student plays at a time while the others listen in ready to chime in with one thing that the student did very well.

3. New Rhythm: dotted half note (2 mins)
Show students the dotted half note. “It is 3 beats.” While handing out sheets for “wrong beats” game. (Students will have a piece of paper telling them if they are to play three or four beats in round one and then two beats or three beats in round two). On the count all students play “C” for the number of beats written on their paper. The class has to decide which student had the wrong number of beats to play.)

4. New Notes: E, F, G. (3 mins)
-After reviewing how to identify C and D, show E, F, and G on the staff. Have students explain why that makes sense – or not. (It just steps up the staff – line, space, line, space…)
-Students place their hands in a C pentscale position and play in unison the C pentscale while saying the note names out loud.
-Then students will have to watch me/ the white board and play the note that I point to.

5. Putting it all together – new songs – Hot Cross Buns, Largo, Little Snail (20 mins)
Overview of 1 song at a time – check for knowledge of the following:
Ability to identify: time signature, how many measures, any new notes? new rhythms? repeat sign?
-Clap the rhythm of the song
-I demonstrate playing the song
-Students play through the song (mix up if students play in unison or one at a time) – and if one at a time, other students should be tapping the beat or shaking their rhythm egg to the correct rhythm in the song.
-Identify and work on any tricky spots.

6. Hand out assignment (5 mins)

Practice Hot Cross Buns, Largo, and Little Snail daily. (Add specific practice notes depending on what spots were tricky).

This week’s practice challenge: One night, keep a close eye on your family. Every time someone says a word that starts with the letter S, jump up and play one of your piano pieces! Can your family break the code???

And yes, if someone says “Silly sister sitting on the sofa.” You DO have to play 4 times (or 4 songs!) OH MY!

7. EXTRA TIME: IMPROVISATION – from Pattern Play books (3+ mins)

8. EXTRA TIME: COMPOSTION (7+ minutes)- creating a short melody from today’s C Pentscale (use silly sentence to create rhythm and melody).