Private Lessons

I offer partner lessons as well as one on one lessons. Check them out below!

Parent/ Child Partner Lessons:

Have you always wanted an activity to bond with your child? Are you both interested in learning to play the piano? Why not do a joint lesson?

Like the Piano Foundations Class, we will set you up with a solid foundation of piano skills, and like one on one lessons, we can customize this to each parent/ child duo. Pacing will depend on each parent/ child duo. Mom and Dad be warned! You’ll need to be prepared to join in on the fun and games! Contact me for more details!

Partner Lessons:

Similar to the Piano Foundations Class, student duos will get started on the right foot with partner lessons. Friends (or siblings) will learn in a fun environment that will incorporate a lot of duets as well as individual music. Lessons are customized to each duo. While I do need to approve partner matches to ensure a great learning environment, I encourage you to grab your friend and meet up with me for free meet and greet!

One on One Lessons:

These 45 minute lessons for beginners set your child up for a strong foundation in music. The benefit to a private lesson is that we can customize the lesson in any direction that suits your child. Is s/he more inclined to create/ compose? Does s/he love to pick things out by ear? Is your child excited about the idea of learning to read the notes on the page?  Then that’s the way we can go!

Parent’s are always welcome to sit in on lessons. Contact me for more info.